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"Couldn’t recommend Dressage at Home enough. Emma is so fair and makes it so everyone who enters gets a rosette. Most importantly, she makes everyone feel welcome. She is easy to get in touch with if I’m ever stuck. I’ve  tried a couple of different online classes but Emma is the best by miles."

Emma Playford

"Great tests, useful and honest feedback from judges."

Katie Clarke

"I had such fun doing the Autumn / Winter League. Totally stress free and super feedback from the judges. A very professional and well run competition with fully accredited judges making this a very valuable and worthwhile exercise. Sure what else would you be at anyway...."

Emer Howard

"I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this dressage competition.  I must admit that I was so excited at being able to aim for something other than just which road I was going to hack that day.  Emma is so quick to respond to your messages and despite never having met her she always has time to reply even when having so much to sort out, especially over the weekend sorting out videos, test sheets and results. It is great getting the result sheets back so quickly and having access to dressage judges that you wouldn’t necessarily meet when competing under normal circumstances.  Thank you Emma for your work setting this competition up."

Lynne Thompson

"I can't recommend Dressage at Home and International highly enough.  Everything about partaking in their online leagues has been fantastic, from the amazing rosettes, the incredible feedback from qualified, experienced and listed judges; from the butterflies in the pit of your stomach in the build up to competition day, to the support and encouragement amongst competitors.  It is great fun to be part of and gives you something to focus your training around, especially in today's uncertainty.  Thank you Emma and of course, all of the sponsors for the wonderful prizes."

Isobelle Gould

"After many years out of the show ring, this league is the perfect answer to making a comeback!  The amount of time and money spent prepping a horse for shows is monumental.  To have such a convenient, stress free way of competing is a win-win combination for busy schedules and / or lack of resources.  I think this venture happens to work particularly well in the dressage world where harmony is of such high importance.  Brilliant job by all of the organisers. Thank you."

Jill Little

"A wonderful event with great support and encouragement from Emma and team. Dressage at Home and International has given us an autumn and winter of excitement, nerves, great fun and opportunity to challenge ourselves and do what we love doing, in a year that has been difficult in many ways. A huge thank you to Emma from the Dodgers riding Club in Co Cork Ireland. You are amazing!

Asa Berggren
Such a great idea in this stressful year."

Noreen McMaster

"A great way to get constructive criticism for a young or green horse without the added stress of the show environment. The feedback is detailed and encouraging, great rosettes and all levels are catered for."

Ashlene Ross

"Highly recommend Dressage at Home! Stress free and fun with honest feedback from the judges! And beautiful rossettes!"

Holly Reilly

"My horse Bess and I are of the mature ladies vintage and both of us are relatively newcomers to Dressage. I like that we can see and measure our progress and development. Luckily while looking for online tests to do during lockdown I came across this site just as the current league was staring and decided to give it a go. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I believe we have improved because of the feedback, which gives us a guide of things to work on and  the practice we’ve part taken in preparing for the “next” test. The format for entering and submitting videos is easy, Emma is great in the background answering any questions and giving huge support. The results are available promptly, you can view your test sheets once you get your results, comments have been fair & encouraging from listed judges. And as an extra bonus the rosettes are fab! Would highly recommend and I hope to continue to partake."

Noreen Taylor

"Me and my pony Royanna have really enjoyed this league! Emma is very encouraging and helpful and the judge’s comments are very positive with tips for things to work on. I can't wait for the next one! Thank you Emma and team."

Robyn McMurray

"Great fun and excellent practise for horse and rider!"

Liz Payne

"Highly recommend! I love the feedback each week and it definitely gives us something to work towards and focus on. I can definitely see a vast improvement from the first week’s video to this weeks and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future after a few more weeks!! Plus the rosettes are amazing!!  P.s. please do another league after this one "

Victoria McAleese

"Absolutely loving this league! Very well run, fair play Emma! Comments from judges are always honest and helpful. Gives you the drive to work harder for your next test! Rosettes are fantastic! Really, really enjoying it and so easy for entries! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve on their flatwork and have lots of fun at the same time. Thanks again to Emma and all the judges for their hard work."

Laura Rogers

"Brilliant fun and relaxing league. My 10 year old daughter loves entering and the judges are lovely with positive comments and helpful feedback. Emma goes out of her way to make it welcoming and fun with nothing ever too much trouble. Big thank you to all involved. Oh and the rosettes are AMAZING!"

Barbara McMurray

"Helpful and relaxed. Good feed back and lovely rosettes."

Julie Dauncey

"Highly recommended!! Very professionally run yet still fun, friendly and helpful. I have never met Emma, never done on-line competitions, and  I’ve only returned to riding after a long break. I feel so comfortable and “at home” with everything this company do and they make it so easy. Emma goes above and beyond her duty. My daughter and I are both having an amazing time and we are so glad to have found Dressage at Home. It’s made lockdown truly memorable in more ways than one. The judge’s comments every week gives us plenty to improve on. And as for the rosettes - they are lush!"

Rosemary Armstrong

"Entered the on-line dressage competition. It was so stress free, brilliant feedback  which really helped - looking forward to my next test. Also, amazing rosettes! Thanks for organising."

Diana Cody

"I would recommend this Online Dressage Competition to anyone. It is so stress free, easy to submit your test and you get your test sheet back with helpful and very encouraging comments. The rosettes and sash are amazing and Emma is very helpful if you have any questions. 5 stars from me and my daughter who both loved competing in it. It kept our horses fit and healthy over this very difficult time for the equestrian sport.
Roll on the next league!"

Tina O'Connor

"A massive thank you to Emma for her hard work in bringing this brilliantly organised dressage online to us. I've had the best time competing over the last 4 weeks especially through these testing times. Anyone who competes on a regular basis knows the amount of work that goes in to preparing yourself and your horse for a show and Emma recognises this with her beautiful rosettes and prizes! No one goes home empty handed which makes it all worthwhile. Her professionalism shown throughout is outstanding and she’s always the other end of the phone to answer any question you may have. I would highly recommend."

Louise Magill

"I had never participated in a online dressage event before. I was sceptic of my ability with social media and my Lockdown lack of enthusiasm to train and preform on my own, but with the friendliness and support from Emma and the team it was fun and has definitely helped our dressage. Really looked forward to the fantastic rosettes and helpful tips from the judges. Thank you again Emma."

Kate Higgins

"Thanks to Emma for a brilliant league! Really well organised. Rosettes are lovely and great feedback from the judges. Can’t wait for the next one!

Andrea Webber

Dressage at Home and International gave us something to work towards through lockdown. An extremely professional company, excellent judges’ feedback, as if you were at a show, and the most beautiful rosettes... and we all love a bit of bling!! I'm so looking forward to doing more of these tests now and beyond. A brilliant concept very well executed. Emma will support you at every level."

Kyra Crawford

"A fabulous idea during lockdown and beyond! Very well organised, so encouraging and great judges and feedback, not to mention beautiful rosettes each week! Definitely recommend if you haven’t already taken part!"

Laura Evans

"I stumbled upon Dressage and Home and International completely by accident but I believe this was the best find ever! Emma and team are so lovely and supportive, the tests are really well written and lovely to ride! I’ve just brought my boy back from and injury where I very nearly lost him and Emma and her team have really motivated us and helped encourage us to grow. The feedback sheets are great and the rosettes are lovely! I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for some more tests and leagues!"

Freya Rottenbury

"It's a relaxed atmosphere for the competitors and the support team too! My daughter Abbie is enjoying the League and focusing on her scores and feedback - and not the colour of the rosettes, which are very nice! Thank you for all your help, advice and encouragement!"

Gillian Harkness

"Myself and Claudia are really enjoying this virtual league. Great challenging tests to keep us motivated during lockdown. Oh and fab rosettes! Thanks Emma."

Ciara Mainwaring

"Brilliant idea - great way to keep horses fit and competitive during lockdown."

Victoria McCandless

"I highly recommend this group. A super service from Emma, very helpful answering all my questions so quickly, the competitions are organised really well, got test back so quick in post and a beautiful rosette. Thanks again Emma."

Karen Maslen

"Suerb online dressage company based in N.Ireland. This company started to fill a gap in lockdown, and helped so many riders through the pandemic, offered motivation, goals, friendship, a new way of riding and competing. Check out their Facebook page to see the enthusiasm of so many riders and the great new community this has created.
Equine Awards NI Nomination

During Lockdown Emma organised Dressage competitions and leagues. My Daughter and our friend took part in all of them. It gave them a focus in such a terrible time. My daughter lost her job and having a horse with something to work towards was a great help. Emma put a lot of work into the competitions, getting different judges and so many classes so that so many non-dressage superstars could join in. Also getting the results and super prizes out very quickly."

Equine Awards NI Nomination

"Dressage at Home & International (D@H&I) has provided a lifeline for horses, riders and  aspiring family videographers during this stressful and horrible time of lockdown for the covid 19 pandemic. D@H&I have also managed to take the stress out of Dressage, no mean feat, it is not called Stressage for nothing! This has been achieved by hosting a number of professional, well run leagues since the start of lockdown. These leagues have a variety of classes to suit virtually every horse/rider combination from beginners to advanced, children and adults. These are judged by fully accredited, highly respected judges who provide individual feedback for each test ridden. Each rider rides their test in their own arena, which is filmed 'at C' by your videographer. You submit your best test which is then judged and marked. The rosettes are absolutely gorgeous and come by post with your score sheet. This has evolved into a hotly contested competition and I am sure, and hope, it will continue long into the future."

Equine Awards NI Nomination

"In March 2020 Emma started an on-line dressage competition business to combat the stay at home blues of Covid lockdown. Her fortnightly competitions have inspired riders and raised sprits, while her business has gone from strength to strength.

Equine Awards NI Nomination

Emma has done an outstanding job offering her online dressage competitions. Her business has been a lifeline for myself and many riders over the past year. We all needed positive goals to work toward and Emma went above and beyond with Dressage at Home and International."

Equine Awards NI Nomination
"Dressage at Home and International was a novel concept of Emma Hobson’s last year when Covid hit. Online dressage has been a godsend to me throughout the last year - I work as a GP and the last 12 months have been stressful - when I saw the league starting that Emma had set up I couldn’t wait to get started and have been involved with every show since the outset. The show days are exciting, with speedy judges feedback and wonderful three tier high quality rosettes. She puts so much effort into organising the shows and coordinating the judging with return of the feedback and results. Emma puts a huge amount of hours into her work and deserves recognition for this super idea."

Equine Awards NI Nomination

"I nominated Dressage at Home and International for Equine Service of the Year as Emma Hobson has worked extremely hard to bring this to life during lockdown and it has been a huge success. You can do your favourite sport from the comfort of your own home without all the stress! It is an amazing thing Emma has started and I hope it will continue even when everything is back to normal."

Zoya Robinson

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