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Rules & Policies


1. To be eligible for league prizes, the same horse / rider combination must compete in six out of eight weeks (one of which has to be the final.)

2. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the league and these will be determined by the amount of entries we have.

3. For Newcomers Prelim classes, rider and horse combination must not have scored more than 65% in any preliminary standard dressage competition. 

4. Tack: DI tack rules apply to all classes except lead rein where any suitable tack is allowed. NB: No boots are allowed on horses. 

5. All arenas and tests are 20 X 40m

6. League placings will be worked out either on a point system or with the final show score plus the best other five scores from weeks one - seven (your lowest score from weeks one - seven will not be counted.)

7. Some tests will be our own and some are from Dressage Ireland, The Pony Club etc. These will be published in our website & Drop Box folder and announced at the beginning of the league. 

8. Judges: Tests are all judged by qualified, experienced, listed judges. These will be announced each week. The judge’s decision is final. 

9. If you have a problem with the scoring / judging of your sheet, this needs to be brought to the attention of the show organiser within two hours of your test being sent to you. 

10. Dress: Horse does not need to be plaited. Horse and rider should be neat and tidy - no show dress is necessary but a BS hat, gloves and correct footwear must be worn. Stress - free dressage is our goal!

11. Videoing: Whoever is videoing must stand at the letter C or the test will be invalidated. The sound must be turned on and the date of videoing must be stated at the start of the video. Please also state the name of the rider, horse and the test being ridden at the start of the video. Videos are to be sent via Whatsapp to: 07805901744. If you do not have access to Whatsapp, please message us and we can work out an alternative. 

Please see Demo videos for tips on how to best video your test.

12. In Dressage to Music classes, the music needs to be played live while the test is being filmed. Riders cannot submit one video to numerous platforms. The name of competition you’re entering for needs to be stated at the beginning of the video. 

13. In Working Hunter & Freestyle Jumping classes, the course must include the following fence types: upright vertical (can be planks); a skinny; a spread or oxer; a double or treble combination; a jump to include a filler.) Riders should begin & finish with a salute. 

14. In the Working Hunter class the videographer must show the front, side & back of the horse, then the rider must ride their show piece and follow with their jumping round. 

15. In the Showing classes, the video must show the horse at halt, pan around the body and legs for a confirmation assessment. Then the leader / rider must walk the horse away in a straight line and trot back. The show piece can then begin and must finish with a halt and salute. 

16. Teams will be decided prior to the first week of the league. There are four members in a team and the top three results are used to decide the team placing. Each team member pays £20.00 per entry covering the whole league. Team prizes and rosettes are awarded at the final of the league.

17. The price for each test is £15.00 paid via paypal (FRIENDS AND FAMILY option) to emmajbhobson@hotmail.com. Prices include rosettes and your test sheet posted out to you. In paypal notes please state: rider name, address, horse's name, class(es) being entered for. No entries can be accepted without full payment in advance. If you have no access to paypal, please message us and we can work out an alternative.

18. The organiser refuses the right to refuse entry without any explanation.