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Explore Our Official Sponsor: Bluegrass Horse Feeds

The Bluegrass Story

Bluegrass Horse Feeds was developed in 1998 at our mills in Eglish, Co Tyrone, where we manufacture a premium range of horse feed. Equine nutrition is a priority for us and our range consists of over 25 specialist feeds.

Bluegrass Horse Feeds has always been dedicated to producing nutritionally sound, innovative formulas while providing our customers in Ireland and the UK with a personal service.

Bluegrass Horse Feeds works closely with the world's leading research centre in equine nutrition, Kentucky Equine Research (KER). We are proud to be Ireland's exclusive KER Team Member. This means we are a team member in an international network of horse food manufacturers who are devoted to the advancement of horse nutrition.

Based in the heartland of the American thoroughbred industry in Kentucky, KER conducts extensive research into equine nutrition and exercise physiology. Each research trial is designed to improve the health, performance and well-being of all horses. As such, all Bluegrass feeds, formulas and product development programmes are underpinned and complemented by the world-renowned research and expertise of KER.

We have a fantastic team of people working at Bluegrass from specialist horse feed consultants, mill operators, sales and marketing representatives as well as fleet and administration teams.

We also work with over 200 merchants the length and breadth of Ireland.

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