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Meet the Judges

One of the things that Dressage @ Home & International really focuses on  is our judges. These are the back-bone of any show. Competing locally certainly has its drawbacks as we come face to face with the same judges, likes, dislikes, comments and marks, over and over again. (We have all been there. It’s sometimes in our favour; sometimes not.)
However, this is something, as a fellow rider and competitor, I’m only to aware off and so, as a company, we invest our time into ensuring our riders have the very best, the most qualified and biggest range of judges from all over the UK!  
This is such a strength of Dressage @ Home & International.  It’s something that other online platforms don’t offer. But, we do! 
All of the competitors will know, after competing with us, that the marks they receive will be reflective of those if they were competing across the water. And, that is something that riders can never get at local shows.
We are delighted to announce that we have a selection of world renowned, wonderful judges for you to get to know.

The Judges

Jenny Johnson

Coreen Abernethy

Zara Pawley

Norma Ridi

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