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League Results for Spring into Dressage League 2021

And here we have it... the eagerly awaited and anticipated league results!!

A HUGE well done to you all coming out each week, improving your training and making positive lock down memories... especially as the weather wasn't playing ball at the beginning!  It has been a real pleasure working and getting to know all of you and your beautiful horses. Thank you for giving me that privilege.

Our new (exciting and improved!) Summer League will begin in a few weeks from now. Keep an eye on here and on the website for a list of classes, dates and tests. As always, it would be delightful if you could join us again. You are all definitely part of the Dressage at Home & International happy family!

We also have lots of new and other exciting ideas and announcements in the pipeline! 

Results for the league are worked out on the highest scores over four weeks (same horse, rider, class combination) plus the final result.

Places are from first - sixth.

All winners out there, we have a beautiful sash sitting here ready for you! Every competitor also receives one of our AMAZING trophy rosettes - please send me pictures of you and your horse adorned with these as I would love to put them in our website gallery. These also look fabulous engraved for an ever lasting memory. 

Thank you and, from the bottom of my heart, well done!

Ring One - Lead Rein

1st - James Harrison Blossom
2nd - Rosie Clarke Snowy
3rd - Lucy Thursfield Daisy

Ring One B - In-hand

1st - Holly Reilly Just Jake

Ring Two - Junior Intro

1st - Mya McMullan Springhill Quick Step
2nd - Jasmine Baker Amber
3rd - Ana Goodrich Chief

Ring Three - Intro

1st - Caron Glasgow Touch of Ferro
2nd - Caitlin Hannah Anky
3rd - Jill Little Bellamy
4th - Kerry Isom Zillakami
5th - Emily Maneely Rosie
6th - Susan Stokesberry Amiro Dawn
Sheila Lyons Jumping Jack
Joanna Tarasewicz Prince Harry Trotter
Jessica Gall Rico
Rebecca Irvine Braveheart
Penny Johnston Ace
Chrissie Watson Sam

Ring Four - Newcomer's Prelim

1st - Sandra McKinney Katie
2nd - Maeve Lunny Jacko
3rd - Danielle Connolly Code Red Ruby
4th - Nicole Lawther Lyra
5th - Tom Dillon Carlsberg
6th - Mary Ambrose Ginge
Jennifer Thursfield Scarlett's Harry
Mandy McQuade Rosie
Katie Clarke Sue
Alex Picton Lynas Moon the Byre
Hannah Patterson Magic 
Tara Jenssen Ginger Snap

Ring Five - Prelim

1st - Jacky Reid Hugo
2nd - Cate O'Neill Shanaghan Grace
3rd - Lynne Thompson Blackstown Masterclass
4th - Sharon Galway Miss Molly
5th - Emma Brown Tullys Tina
6th - Isobelle Gould Foxy Furisto
Valerie Crean Samona
Cara Archbold  Lucy

Ring Six - Novice

1st - Lana Cheney Casper
2nd - Sharon Getty Daisy
3rd - Mandy Blakely Clerkson
4th - Jodie Frost Leakfield Jim
5th - Victoria McCandless Koolstyle

Ring Seven - Elementary

1st - Lana Cheney Casper
2nd - Lisa Ferguson Larkin

Ring Eight - Medium

1st - Julie Dauncey Molly

Ring Nine - Advanced Medium

1st - Jill Hobson Furisto Seven for a Secret

Ring Ten - RoR

1st - Valerie Crean Kildoon Trix

Ring Eleven - Veterans

1st - Heidi Jorgensen Concorre
2nd - Norin Taylor Bess
3rd - Gemma Cherry Allies Dream
4th - Charlotte Moore Tully Valley
5th - Sara Thompson Mr Chips

Ring Twelve - Young Horse

1st - Nicole Lawther Lyra
2nd - Sandra McKinney Rocky
3rd - Sandra McKinney Harley
4th - Agnieszka Mofina Maximus P

Ring Thirteen - Cobs Can

1st - Jodie Frost Leakfield Jim
2nd - Mary Ambrose Hydee

Ring Fourteen - Freestyle Jumping

1st - Jenni Hanninen Goldielocks
2nd - Natalie Bampton Vinnie
3rd - Lily Hutchison My Irish Shadow
4th - Laura Hutchison Candy
5th - Holly Acton Greybets Angel
6th - Phoebe Smith Greybets Champion
Natasha Phillipson Greybets Pip
Alexa Ashwood Greybets Lady
Claudia Wymbs Greybets Angel
Josephine Twist Greybets Lady
Jasmine Baker Amber
James Harrison Blossom

Ring Fifteen - Freestyle to Music

1st - Victoria McCandless Koolstyle
2nd - Jasmine Baker Amber
3rd - James Harrison Blossom


League Placings for Autumn / Winter League 2020